There will be nothing more delightful than welcoming you all once again to our city to attend the 2nd All India convention and exhibition.

Having travelled the world to appreciate and learn about bonsai, I realized that there is a lot of potential and demand for this wonderful art to flourish. If all the Indian bonsai enthusiasts join hands and grow together, we can to make our mark in the international bonsai forums.

This is one of the rare conventions where comfort of the attendees is given high priority. For your convenience and comfort, the venue of the convention and stay is together, in the heart of the city, a short drive from the airport, railway station and all the other attractions of our city. Besides the venue there are many options available for accommodations in the vicinity to fit all budgets.

The masters invited to share their knowledge are selected from different parts of the world, each one an expert in their respective style of designing like panjig, tropical, rock bonsais etc. to give you a varied learning experience.

Besides the convention, local cultural programs and cuisine, city tour, heritage expeditions, and a tour to our neighboring state of Rajasthan will be organized for you to explore and enjoy what we have to offer here.

Your overwhelming response in 2012, has inspired us to make this convention even grander this year and hope we receive you continued support and participation to make this event an even bigger success.

Chanda Agrawal,
Banyan Bonsai Club, Vadodara.
E-mail: chanda.agrawal55@gmail.com
Mobile: +91 98795 04988

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The club holds monthly workshops where the members are taught different techniques of perfecting this art. Topics on soil making, cutting, pruning, designing & wiring, potting and re-potting, fertilizing, watering and post bonsai care etc.

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Vision & Goal

The Primary vision behind the formation of the club is to spread the art of Bonsai Making and spreading the concept of gifting a bonsai to develop friendship. To achieve our vision we hold an Annual Exhibition where over 400 Bonsai of different shapes, sizes and characteristics are exhibited every year along with this other related art like tray landscapes.